3D Creator

Create and collaborate 3D designs in the cloud platform anytime anywhere

3DEXPIERENCE 3D Creator combines easy-to-use design tool (xDesign) with cloud storage collaboration; providing a convenience solution to create, review and evaluate 3D models seamlessly across devices using web browser. So that your organization can deliver innovative products to market faster.


  • Easy creation for parametric 3D solids and surfaces, single modelling environment for parts and assemblies
  • Super features to change of design intent without rework
  • Optimize and evolve existing designs with a generative design approach, to help designers understand optimal material placement/usage to support loads and constraints
  • Cloud-based solution with always latest version over your devices, even non-Windows platform. Installation-free with simple user management
  • Ensure secure communication and collaboration both internally or externally.

3D Mold Creator

Speed mold tooling design using specialized mold design tools in a web browser

3D Mold Creator provides dedicated mold tooling design functionality (xMold) that enables faster, automated and more robust design of mold core, cavity and inserts geometry. Users can use any browser-based device, thereby reducing hardware costs and allowing mold designers flexibility to design and access their data from anywhere at any time.


  • Check for draft and undercut issues and make model edits as required
  • Compensate for plastic part shrinkage with part scaling
  • Automatically determine and create the parting line
  • Create inserts to handle undercut geometry
  • Automatically create shutoff surfaces
  • Automatically create parting surfaces
  • Automatically split mold tooling into core, cavity and inserts
  • Mold geometry updates with design model changes

3D Sculptor

Cloud modelling solution for 3D organic shapes design

3DEXPIERENCE 3D Sculptor is a web-browser based, 3D subdivision (sub-D) modelling solution for creating stylized and organic shaped models. This fast design tool (xShape) is also fully interoperable with other 3DEXPERIENCE apps.


  • Using Intuitive push-pull, direct modelling approach to creating highly stylized and organic shaped sub-D geometry
  • Fast to learn and fast to use
  • Interoperate with SOLIDWORKS desktop and other 3DEXPERIENCE apps
  • Cloud-based solution with always latest version over your devices, even non-Windows platform. Installation-free with simple user management
  • Share ideas, comments and content with multiple stakeholder
  • Manage all securely in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud

3D Sheetmetal Creator

Create production ready sheet metal designs with a powerful, intuitive, browser-based solution

3D SheetMetal Creator provides a focused user experience tailored to the needs of sheet metal designers and engineers who need to design sheet metal components and enclosures.


  • Create accurate, detailed sheet metal designs that are ready for manufacturing, anywhere, anytime, with no installation necessary
  • Validate designs early on with instant access to automatically updated flat patterns
  • Streamline the design process with an intuitive, intelligent, and dedicated sheet metal user experience
  • Automate repetitive tasks with the help from the Design Assistant, using machine learning technology

3D Structure Creator

Create accurate, manufacturing-ready structure designs on any device

3D Structure Creator provides users with associative feature-based frame design tools for every stage in the design process—from conceptual design to generating manufacturing information. The role includes a parametric structure modeling application (xFrame) that runs completely in a web browser, which gives designers the freedom to design on their own terms.


  • Improve design productivity by using an interface tailored to 3D structure design; all toolbars, context menus, and features are specific to structure design.
  • Freely create structure members based on any sketch entities, model edges, or curves.
  • Rapidly perform trim operations at corners and end points to create precise, manufacturable designs.
  • Streamline structure design workflows with automated functionality for adding gussets, end caps, and plates.
  • Design with unique structure members by creating custom section profiles based on a 2D sketch.
  • Go from design to manufacturing fast with automated cut lists.
  • Add detail to structure designs by adding cutouts to structure members.
  • Work entirely in a web browser, giving you the freedom to design
    anytime, anywhere, with no need for installation.

3D Experience DraftSight

Make drawings and project information accessible to the entire team anytime and anywhere

Produce professional drawings with affordable DWG-based drafting and online collaboration. For users who need DWG-Based drafting for efficient drawing, editing, prototyping, laser cutting and modelling, 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight provided a familiar DWG-based drafting solution.


  • Migrate easily from AutoCAD due to the familiar interface, workflows and support for your existing DWG data and automations
  • Create, edit, view, share and print professional drawings for engineering, constructions and manufacturing
  • Content can be viewed, shard and edited in a web browser anytime and anywhere
  • Stay connected to all members of your organization’s network throughout the process